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Fun Facts About Billie Joe

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Fun Facts About Billie Joe
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Here's the scoop...

+ Billie is a vegetarian.

+ Billie's favorite food is vegetarian lasagana and root beer.

+ Billie had a cat called zero and it died in his washing machine. Sad :(

+ Billie's guitar is named Blue and was given to him when he was 11 by his father before he died. Although he doesn't use that actual guitar anymore he has had many made just like it.

+B illie has a guitar that is made with lots of different parts. It's called Frankenstein.

+ Billie's birthday is on the same day as the National Cabbage Day. Err random.

+ It's an old tradition of Billie's that at every one of his concerts that he does he kisses a guy. Shame it's a guy..

+ The brothers that introduced Billie to "punk" were named Matt and Eric.

+ When Billie was asked about future plans said he would become a soccer team coach.

+ Billie Joe likes to take books on tour.

+ Billie Joe Armstrong was the Rancid orginal second guitarist for a while. This was before Lars Fredricksen joined up.

+ Billie Joe was expelled from two schools.

+ Billie Joe got body lice while he was on tour in Germany in Green Day's early days. Nice.

+ Billie Joe said that if he could be any female celebrity, that he would be Chrissie Hynde.

+ Billie Joe has been known to suffer from panic attacks and aniexty.

+ When Billie was fifteen he tried to go to an Operation Ivy concert, but he wasn't let in. One of the members of the band heard about this, so they came out and personally brought him into the show.

+ Billie drives a blue 67 Ford Fairlane.

+ It is said that Billie's name was mispelt on the birth certificate because his mum was high from the drugs that she was given to help her through childbirth.

+ Billie had a nickname in highschool that was 'Two Dollar Bill' because he sold joints for two dollars.

+ The first time that Billie Joe kissed Adrienne he went home and wrote 2,000 Light Years Away.

+ Billie has been known to wear nail polish.

+ If Billie could play any movie role in history, then he would choose Austin Powers

+ Billie Joe said that he thinks that Staind's lead singer sounds like Cher.

+ Billie Joe does not like Eminem.

+ Billie Joe played football for the John Swett High School in Crockett, CA.

+ Billie Joe used to have a nose ring, but then he took it out as it kept getting caught up on his guitar.

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